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Celo Launches Healthcare Messaging Platform for Teams

Celo has launched a new healthcare messaging platform for teams in the United States, with U.S. operations run from its Seattle, WA headquarters and led by Celo’s chief growth officer, Jack Clough.

Healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt modern communications technologies compared to other industry sectors and pagers, faxes, and email are still extensively used for communication between care teams, even though these outdated modes of communication are inefficient. In other industry sectors, instant messaging solutions have been widely adopted and have been shown to improve collaboration between individuals and teams and improve communication efficiency.

There are problems with using generic business messaging products and services in healthcare. The solutions tend to lack the features required by healthcare organizations and many lack the required privacy and security measures to allow healthcare data to be communicated via the platforms and are a compliance risk. Secure messaging app providers are classed as business associates under HIPAA, and many messaging app providers are unwilling to enter into business associate agreements with HIPAA-covered entities.

The Celo secure messaging platform was designed by a medical doctor and has been built specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. The Celo healthcare secure messaging platform allows messages to be sent securely through the platform and appropriate safeguards have been implemented to ensure compliance with HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

At the core of the solution is a secure messaging app that includes an on-call feature that allows users to instantly communicate with the right on-call professionals. The solution includes a reporting dashboard that provides insights into areas where improvements can be made, such as resource allocation and process enhancements. The platform also includes a rostering optimization feature, that allows users to send role-based messages rather than having to find specific providers from the directory and a broadcast feature that allows administrators to send mass messages and see in real-time which staff members have received and read the messages.

The platform is compatible with iOS, Android, and can be accessed via the web. The platform can be used free of charge by individuals and teams, with the full-featured product available for a recurring fee with its Premium and Enterprise packages.

The platform has already been adopted by more than 800 healthcare organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand – countries that have strict legislation covering the transmission of sensitive healthcare data – to improve communication efficiency, worker productivity, and optimize clinical workflows.

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