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Carbon Neutral Green Cloud Launched by Connectria

Connectria has announced it has launched a carbon neutral ‘green cloud’ in its data centers in the European Union and North America.

The new green cloud is available for companies running IBM i and VMware systems and it has been made possible by a new systems architecture at Connectria’s advanced data centers. Companies taking advantage of the new green cloud can reduce their energy consumption by up to 95%.

Connectria explained that data centers account for 3% of worldwide energy consumption, so making data centers carbon neutral is not just a token gesture. It can significantly reduce energy consumption and help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

“Connectria’s Amsterdam data center is a model of energy efficiency and sustainability, designated as a Leed Gold facility,” said Rusty Putzler, COO of Connectria. The data center uses a combination of biomass and hydroelectric power, drawing all of its power from 100% renewable energy sources. This is achieved while still ensuring reliability for its customers.

Data centers generate a lot of heat. To ensure that energy is not wasted, it is captured and used to heat facilities at the University of Amsterdam campus. Connectria says the Amsterdam data center is one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world and helps the company deliver a carbon neutral footprint for VMware and IBM i clouds.

Connectria has a “No Jerks Allowed philosophy, which it applies to the staff it recruits and how employees treat customers. This philosophy has now been applied to the environment. “By creating carbon-neutral IBM i and VMware Clouds, Connectria is doing our part to take care of our planet, and not be jerks,” says Connectria.

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