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Calimex and Otava Offer Free Access to Health Questionnaire App to Speed Up Blood Donation Process

Calimex USA Corporation, a systems integrator for the healthcare industry, in connection with the HIPAA-compliant hosting company Otava, has announced it is offering hospitals and blood donation facilities free access to its donor health questionnaire application, eDHQ Lite, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 has created a greater need for blood and plasma donations for patients as well as convalescent antibody testing. To minimize time outside the house and the potential for contracting COVID-19, blood donors can use the application to complete the necessary health questionnaire electronically at home prior to donating blood. Typically, completing paperwork at blood donation facilities takes around 30 minutes. The cloud-based app developed by Calimex and hosted by Otava eliminates paperwork and minimizes physical contact with surfaces in blood donation centers.

“Eliminating paper or kiosk-enabled forms minimizes donors’ physical contact with surfaces to help reduce their risk of exposure,” said Calimex CEO Sam Waran. “The eDHQ Lite application is easy to use and lets donors click a link to fill out the DHQ form electronically from anywhere with little or no training.”

The Cloud Access Security Inspection (CASI) application uses an enhanced security profile with HIPAA-compliant hosting provided by Otava. The app is easy to use by donors and also makes administration easier at blood donation centers. Calimex has made the app available free of charge until December 31, 2020.

“The coronavirus pandemic has created a real need to encourage and support donors of blood and plasma,” said Brad Cheedle, CEO at Otava. “Working with Calimex, we are simplifying the process and minimizing the time it takes to donate blood or plasma while providing the security and compliance required of the health care industry.”

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